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Navigating the Costs and Considerations for Excavator Rental in Kenya

The construction industry in Kenya is experiencing a significant upswing, with excavator rental playing a pivotal role in this growth.

The construction industry in Kenya is experiencing a significant upswing, with excavator rental playing a pivotal role in this growth. Globegain Ltd stands out as a premier provider of construction equipment rental services, offering a wide range of excavators suitable for various construction needs. This article delves into the intricacies of hiring excavators in Kenya, a vital consideration for contractors and construction companies aiming for cost-effective and efficient project execution.

Excavator Rental Rates and Options

The cost of renting an excavator in Kenya varies considerably based on the size of the excavator and whether it’s rented with or without an operator. For instance, dry hire rates for a 1-2 Tonne Excavator are approximately Ksh 4000 per hour, while a larger 50 Tonne Excavator can cost up to Ksh 18000 per hour. Wet hire rates, which include an operator, range from Ksh 11500 per hour for smaller excavators to Ksh 27000 for the largest models. These rates reflect the diverse needs of construction projects, from minor digging tasks to major excavation works.

Dry Hire Versus Wet Hire

Choosing between dry hire (without an operator) and wet hire (with an operator) is a crucial decision. Dry hire is often preferred by those who have skilled operators, while wet hire is ideal for projects that require specialized skills or when operators are not readily available. Wet hire rates are higher due to the additional costs of the operator, fuel, and machine maintenance.

Minimum Hire Hours and Logistics

The rental agreement usually stipulates minimum hire hours, ensuring that the rental is economically viable for the provider. For smaller excavators, a few hours might suffice, while larger ones often require a full day’s hire. The logistics of delivering and returning the excavator also factor into the cost, especially for larger machines that demand specialized transport arrangements.

Travel and Mobilization Expenses

Travel and mobilization expenses are additional considerations. These costs cover the transportation of the excavator to and from the construction site. For larger excavators, which can be challenging to transport due to their size and weight, these costs can be significant. Companies like Globegain calculate these expenses based on distance and the time involved in transportation.

Choosing the Right Excavator for Your Project

Selecting the appropriate excavator size and type is essential for project efficiency. Globegain offers a range of excavators, each suited to specific tasks. Mini excavators are perfect for small-scale projects like landscaping or minor digging work, while larger excavators are necessary for substantial construction projects. The choice depends on factors like the project’s scope, the site’s accessibility, and the nature of the work to be done.

Partnering with a Reputable Rental Company

The importance of partnering with a reputable rental company cannot be overstated. Globegain prides itself on providing reliable, well-maintained equipment, ensuring that projects run smoothly without unnecessary delays or equipment malfunctions. The company’s commitment to customer service and support further enhances the rental experience, ensuring that clients have the right equipment and expertise for their specific construction needs.


Renting an excavator in Kenya is a decision that involves multiple factors, including cost, equipment type, project duration, and logistical considerations. Globegain offers comprehensive solutions, catering to a wide array of construction requirements. Understanding these factors and choosing a reliable partner like Globegain can significantly impact the success and efficiency of construction projects in Kenya’s dynamic construction sector.